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In order to have a successful job search campaign you have to capture the interest of hiring decision makers in less than 15 seconds and stimulate their interest 
in how your skills would meet their needs! 
The more powerful your resume, the more interviews and better offers you'll get. 

We can help you make your resume really stand out. 
It takes professional writing talent and experience to know how to package your background so that it will appeal to the four readers that you need to impress: 

  • the ATS system, 
  • the resume screener (usually an entry-level HR job),
  • the recruiter, 
  • and most importantly, the hiring manager. 

A team of business professionals                               dedicated to your success!

We know how to compose powerful documents that are guaranteed to land you interviews.

Don't waste your time with fly-by-night firms whose "writers" mass produce resumes using generic template software... We are an experienced team who can create a unique, professional resume custom-tailored to your objective, experience, and job situation! Our unique service offers personal resume writing like no other!

Our professionally written documents are much more than a list of past jobs and educational degrees; they represent who you are to a potential employer. In today's intense job market, companies typically receive hundreds of applicants. You will have at most a minute to capture the attention of the staff person sorting through endless piles of resumes.

Let us help you tell your story, communicate your value, and gain a competitive edge in your job search.
Do it right! 

We know from years of experience that better resumes lead to better results. 

Most people however don't know the specific techniques necessary to write a resume that breaks through the 21st century hiring system:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems like Taleo, Kenexa, PeopleClick.
  •  HR screeners and sourcers. 
  • Keyword search engines. 
  • How to effectively market your skills to the hiring manager. 

As a result, most people are guessing at how to write an effective resume. And, unfortunately, guessing wrong. Your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the written word.

You need to make sure that your resume is up to the job. Your resume has to be a "branded" and succinct representation of your unique value. It needs to be solutions-driven and contain quantified proof of your past performance. Only then will it serve to positively differentiate your candidacy from the competition, critical for winning the best interviews in today's highly competitive market space.

With so many people out there looking, you can't let yourself be at a disadvantage.

They'll see your resume long before they see you, so doesn't it make sense to look good on paper?
Every job seeker should know the value of a strong and flawless resume and the power of networking in finding a new job. Simply filling your resume with all the right keywords is not going to do it . State-of-the-art ATS (applicant tracking systems) technology relies on contextualization, not on simple keyword matches. The technology weighs keywords in the context of the whole resume. Poorly formatted resumes and resumes embedded with pictures, graphics and logos can be incompatible with most ATS software. That's a sure way to guarantee that your resume never makes it to the decision maker. Here's what happens.... Your resume enters an Applicant Tracking System. That's the software program that sits on a server at the hiring company where it sorts, categorizes and stores thousands of resumes and analyzes each one before choosing which ones to forward along. Knowing how the ATS handles your document helps us better the odds that the decision maker will see your resume.
Busy hiring professionals must quickly screen out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes. The few that survive that initial 15-second screening process will then be subjected to a more careful scrutiny before valuable time is invested in an interview. Your resume is a marketing brochure designed to convince an employer of what you have to offer. Is it doing you justice? 

Tough times call for tough measures.In today's competitive job market, a skillfully crafted and compelling resume is crucial to your success. You want to make sure that it fully represents what you’ve managed to accomplish over the years. So if yours isn’t strong enough, here are some things you can do.Tell 2-3 sentence stories as you define each one of your accomplishments with who, what, when, where, why and how information. If you're in an industry that has crashed, think about the skills you have that you can use in a new field and show your transferable skills.If you can stand out from the crowd with a distinctive, persuasive resume and cover letter, you'll generate more interviews, have better interviews and get a job faster.We'll Identify what makes you distinctive from other candidates and make sure to communicate it to potential employers.
Get a FREE eBook entitled “Conducting a Successful Job Search”, covering, writing your cover letter and resume, marketing yourself, answering interview questions and know what the experts recommend to gain a competitive edge in your job search.

It’s yours, along with your new resume package.

​Since 1991, we have written powerful resumes and cover letters to help thousands of professionals and executives advance their careers. We'll identify, pinpoint, and highlight your unique skills and qualifications... probe your background to discover strengths and assets... create marketing tools that position you above the crowd.

Our process ensures your resume is as unique as you are.
We work with you through personal consultation to gather both information and impressions that enable us to paint just the right picture of who you are and the value you offer.

Your personal brand paints a consistent story about who you are and how you can uniquely deliver your promise of value to a company and give you confidence in an interview because you know what differentiates you from your peers. 

Our Personal Branding Statement communicates your value. It is a component of your resume and every other document we create for you.

Move from being just another “someone” in the crowd to expressing your unique strengths!

The current job market is more demanding than ever. Many professionals are finding that they need that additional edge, above and beyond the traditional resume presentation. That one statement that can make your qualifications stand out from the other job hunters and get you into more interviews is your personal brand. 
Your brand is the distinctive set of natural strengths that employers get when they hire you and not your competition; it represents your unique promise of value.

A personal brand should focus on what you do best, rather than the day-to-day responsibilities associated with your job. This specific type of information forms the core of a successful personal brand and the personal style you bring to the workplace that distinguishes your abilities from others with the same job function.

Incorporating your personal brand into your resume can make the difference in how employers perceive your qualifications against those of your competition. Getting called for an interview is much easier when you raise the perceptions of your achievements and unique contributions.

Some people think finding the right job is a matter of luck. That's simply not true! It is really more a result of the impact your resume can have on the process. To optimize your chances, you need to sell your prospective employer on what you can do for him or her. Companies want to hire the best or at least those that are perceived to be the best.That’s exactly what your resume needs to do. Not the laundry list of standard bullet points, but a marketing piece that talks about the benefits you can bring to your future employer and how you fit into his or her needs and desires, achieving the goal of standing out from your competition. 

A great resume can open new career paths, reenergize a stalled job search, and get attention and interviews.
More than just a career synopsis or summary of achievements, a powerful resume must showcase your talents, potential, and value. It must “tell your story” in a way that is compelling, convincing, meaningful, and relevant to hiring authorities.

With 20+ years' experience, extensive expertise working with professionals and executives in all industries, and a track record of success, we know how to write resumes that get results and help you advance your career. Our services are completely customized for your needs and, for today’s technology, include electronic versions of your traditional paper resume.

We don’t require you to fill out a lengthy, detailed questionnaire. We talk with you. Our services include an in-depth consultation, high-impact writing, and professional format and design to effectively market your qualifications and position you for career advancement.

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