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 The Standard Resume
The Standard Resume provides a powerful document that opens the door to many great job interviews. We know what interviewers look for and our mission is to present you as the ideal candidate!
The  Standard Resume is $130 
The Standard Resume Package 
includes the Resume, Cover Letter and Follow-up Thank You Letter for $175.  

The Professional Resume
The Professional Resume provides a powerful document that is appropriate for most professional and mid-level management job seekers. You get a high-impact, well-edited marketing document as well as strategy guidance from us. Many clients have used the Professional Level Resume to launch their successful job search. First, we will conduct a thorough interview; take an objective look at your background, your achievements, and your skills; then apply the knowledge gained from over a dozen years of successful resume writing. We provide you with a comprehensive resume package that includes a powerful narrative of your professional career, complete with a highly focused objective and a strong Career Profile. We never just present your employment history! We take your employment background and transform it into a document that reflects your career success, your progress and the positive corporate impact you have made with your previous employers.
  The Professional Resume is $165.  
The Professional Resume Package 
includes the Resume, Cover Letter and Follow-up Thank You Letter for  $210. 
The Executive Resume
The Executive Resume provides a comprehensive career advancement strategy. If you are considering changing industries, if you want to make the next big move up the career ladder, or you are already a senior-level executive, then harnessing the strategic power of the Executive Caliber Resume will increase your chances of realizing your goals. We will translate your accomplishments into bottom-line terms relevant to company leaders. We are especially adept at honing in on those accomplishments that stimulate the interest of executives with hiring authority. These pieces of information form the building blocks for a powerful resume that sells you. Our Executive format is designed exclusively for the senior level professional who is seeking a powerful marketing tool that includes sections dedicated to career milestones and achievements. It gets results.

The Executive Resume is $200.
The Executive Resume Package 
includes the Resume, Cover Letter and Follow-up Thank You Letter for   $245 

Cover Letters

If your cover letter doesn't impress employers, they may not even look at your resume. It gives employers their first impression of you and invites them to look at your credentials. Your cover letter is a marketing tool and should compel the reader to read your resume. The cover letters we provide integrate the same concepts as the powerful resumes we write. They are designed to "sell" you as a candidate and give you that competitive advantage.
The Cover Letter is $45.00
Thank You Letter

After the interview is no time to stop promoting yourself. You should continue presenting your skills, qualifications, accomplishments, credentials and more. You should send a follow-up to the person with whom you interviewed. This is your chance to reinforce your interest in the position and the reasons why you are the right one for the job. Unfortunately, many of the other candidates will be doing exactly the same thing, you must do it better. If the company gave you an interview, they’re already interested and will read any letter you forward to them, including a powerful, well-worded thank-you letter. Use the thank-you letter to further highlight your specific accomplishments as they relate directly to the company and the position for which you are applying. After your initial interview they’ll remind the interviewer that you are in fact, the best candidate for the position.
The Thank You Letter is $45.00
"Conducting a Successful Career Move” 
The ideas in this book will help you develop a plan, sell your skills to employers, and shorten your period of unemployment. It addresses some of the challenges you may experience in job seeking and provides tips on new and effective job search techniques.
There’s a lot you need to know to be successful. That's why we’re offering you this complete, up-to-date and comprehensive job search and employment guide. this e-book provides well-thought out advice on how to land a new position, everything from networking to how to handle tricky interview questions is covered, including some best-kept secrets that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  
This book will guide you in your career growth with a step-by-step manual to advance your career. Mr. Wolfson's ideas can provide the tools and perspectives that will make that transition much smoother for anyone who wants a satisfying career. You’ll cultivate the skills you need to maximize your talents, identify opportunities, find creative solutions, handle important relationships, and succeed.
e-book  to download in PDF is $75.
Career Coaching

We've guided people through important career decisions, strategized with executives and organizations to arrive at key decisions, motivated salespeople to shatter records, and joined forces with entrepreneurs to launch thriving small businesses. Our approach is based upon decades of real-world experience.It's a creative process that opens up avenues and possibilities that you may not have considered.You gain new perspectives on what you already know and transfer this knowledge into fulfilling your destiny.
One-on-one consultation with a career counselor is $25.00 per 1/2 hour

Acting as your first contact, your cover letter and resume are your marketing brochures.  After your initial interview they’ll remind the interviewer that you are in fact, the best candidate for the position.
Professionally Written Resumes, Cover Letters,and Powerful Job Search Strategies.
Don't lose the job you want due to a weak resume!If you want to accelerate your job search, create better exposure to decision makers, and give yourself the opportunity to generate a lot of interviews, here's what our team can do for you!You'll have experienced professionals focusing on you and your goals. Our exclusive Professionally Written Resumes are customized for your specific objectives and will not only impress employers, but it also reduces the time it takes to find a job.
We know what interviewers look for in a job applicant; our mission is to present you as the ideal candidate and help you get re-employed quickly! 
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